Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop and establish programs, employment and projects for environmental conservation, protection, development and restoration. This organization will develop and deliver educational programs and take on stewardship responsibilities of environmental projects directly related to the Eelunaapeewi Laakeewit community through the securing of partnerships, funding and other revenue generating initiatives.

Organization Values
  1. Wulumalusuwaakan – Using/Keeping our cultural ties to Creation-historic, present and for the future-using the teachings and worldview of our ancestors on well-being
  2. Natural Law - Acknowledging reciprocity in all of Creation to Inspire people to be thoughtful on their responsibilities to creation
  3. Awareness - Reconnecting people with our surroundings, to become familiar with sustaining natural habitats, culture and language
  4. Wisdom – Using education to choose positive/friendly paths for development in order to change negative thinking, actions and/or habits affecting Creation
  5. Collaboration - Working together with community and other partners for healthy opportunities for future generations

Organization Goals and Objectives

  1. Sustaining and/or creating healthy environments-Air, water, land
  2. Motivate and coordinate community members to become aware and involved with becoming ecologically friendly to Creation
  3. Creating educational opportunities to prepare future generations to live in well-being with all Creation
  4. Developing projects and partnerships for creating, restoring and building healthy habitats for all creation
  5. Organizing effective activities and events to make our environments a better place by sharing our language and ancestral worldviews on culture & nature
  6. Entering into business ventures that promote economic and community development through the sustainable use of natural resources.